Monday, January 27, 2014

reptile type thing


mhbro said...

Oh my! I love your work! I just followed you on Tumblr but there was no way to comment on your pieces. So, I followed your blog link :) Absolutely love it all! Exactly how I wish to draw some day!

Pierre Rougemont said...

Hey I received your books, very inspirational stuff ! And thanks so much for the additional drawings this is really nice of you :)
And I was wondering what pen did you use at the top right of the 4th page of your sketchbook for the thinking guy who seems to be clicking on a mouse ? Sorry such a silly question but I love these bold lines :)
By the way your sketches of people are awesome I'd love to get as much life in my own ! When you do these do you think about shape/expression/story/something else or do you just let your lines flow on the paper ?
And I also would like to know if it's cool to work at Laika and if you have "artistic" responsabilities beside turns arounds and stuff like that. And are there technical issues you have to face differently for designing characters for stop motion ?
Sorry for all these questions and thanks again ! :)

Pierre Rougemont said...

Oh and I really love your design for Bonnie and Clyde (saw it on character design blog) it's so expressive and funny ! The kind of villains we really want to love :)

Michael Syaukas said...

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